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John has created his own maps of the river as the sandbars tend to shift frequently and can cause havoc to props of unsuspecting and Carefree Park boaters.  Our Guide's understanding of the area comes from their years of boating in the river and on the lake. They are always willing to share their knowledge with anyone.

Reid Lake is known by many names. Locals refer to is as the Duncairn Dam, but if you were to look it up on a map it is also known as Duncairn Reservoir. No matter which name is dearer to your heart the Lake/Reservoir was established in 1948 as a Migratory bird sanctuary. Several of the birds and animals you may encounter are:

Birds: Trumpeter swans, Sandhill cranes in the spring and fall. Canada geese, Mallards, Blue winged teal, Ruddy ducks, Mergansers, Pelicans, Great blue herons and even the occasional Loon during the summer. There are also ever present shore birds like the Curlew and Sand pipers. 

Animals: Beavers, Muskrats, Mink, Coyotes, Foxes, Raccoons, Porcupines and even Skunks. Mule and Whittail Deer are abundant.  The occasional Moose and Elk have been spotted.

Down stream of the dam you will often see six inch long Crayfish. The Lake is known for good fishing. Walleye, Perch and Pike can often be caught.

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About Us:

Carefree Adventures was founded in 2008 by John, Duncan and Wayne Smith.

Originally intended to share their love of kayaking with family and friends, expanding peoples knowledge of the outdoors and enjoyment of the quiet beauty Reid Lake has to offer. John and his family have been spending summers at the lake since early 1975. The love of the lake was instilled by John and Wayne's parents, George and Alice, as they maintained a cabin at Carefree Park for over 30yrs which is still in use to this day. 

Our tour guides keep their certifications up to date in Canoeing, Kayaking, Swift Water Rescue as well as Wilderness First Aid. One of our Guides is a trained Fireman and holds EMR Certification.